Monday, July 18, 2011

Perils of Procrastination

I have learned an important lesson this week: NEVER put off booking a flight.

A good friend of mine is getting married toward the beginning of next month, and both Hopps and I were invited to the wedding. I eagerly responded that I would attend, and proceeded to get the necessary time off from work. I did not, however, book my flight. The reason I did this is because I wanted to coordinate my travel with Hopps, if possible. The actual location of the wedding is about an hour away from the airport, and if we both arrived at the same time it would save on a taxi or be more convenient if someone was picking us up. For his part, Hopps, having just started work, was trying to work out if he could get time off and then waiting for confirmation.

We checked ticket prices about a week ago, and while they were a bit pricey (the airport we would be flying into is not frequented by airlines as often as others) we decided that we could manage to fit them into our respective budgets. Some more time went by without Hopps knowing for sure if he had the day off, and eventually I decided to go ahead and book my flight anyway. So this last weekend I got on the internet to book my flight. I wasn't too concerned about the price; the wedding was still three weeks away, and prices couldn't have gone up that much, right?


In the several days since we had last checked, the price for a round trip had increased to almost 150% of its previous value, putting it way beyond what we had decided was pushing it for our wallets.

And now, I have just gotten of the phone with my friend after explaining to him why I won't be coming even though I had told him many times that I would. Uhhhg.

I have another friend getting married at the end of August. I will be booking that flight tomorrow.

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