Saturday, August 13, 2011

Corn Chips Are No Place For Me!

A little over a week ago, I was informed of the existence of the Warrior Dash. This is a 3.5 mile run with 12 obstacles, including an 8-ft. wall, barbed wire, and fire. There just happens to be one going on in Tulsa next month, and a lot of guys from work have been encouraging me to go with them. Aside from the fact that the partying atmosphere isn't really my thing, the race itself does seem pretty awesome and I've decided that it's something I want to do; I'll just decline the beer, enjoy my turkey leg and be on my way.

I have not, however, signed up yet.

This is because I started training last week, and to my disappointment I was unable to even run a mile. Now I know that this is something that my body is capable of (or at least used to be capable of); I was able to run 2 miles without much difficultly a year ago. I suppose I just need to get warmed up to that level of activity after almost a year of sedentary living. I'm just not entirely sure I can get warmed back up in time for the race.

So, I have been following the "I just want to finish" training schedule on their website, with the intent of signing up as soon as I'm able to complete the recommended running distance for that day (I have until the 28th before the price goes up). We'll see how I do tonight.

(I suppose even if I can't run the entire thing, I do know that I can keep up a 4.5 mph walking pace just about indefinitely, so there is that.)


  1. Up next, you can try running from zombies!

  2. I would, but they don't allow you to actually attack the zombies, which is what I would want to do.

  3. I'm totally running the Warrior Dash in less then two weeks (AHHH!) here in North Carolina. I'm definitely not a runner and I hope I don't die... I'll let you know how it goes :-S